Annual Christmas tree sale tradition continued despite COVID-19


Alyssa Green

Glenn Green ’24 (Left) Alex Collins ’24 (Middle) Charlie Hoekstra ’24 (Right) selling Christmas trees at Gerken Plaza

Alyssa Green, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving passes and the winter holidays approach us, families will be getting ready for a more intimate holiday with their immediate families. Christmas music will still be played, and the endless baking will continue, but one of the most common traditions that will take place this year will be going out and getting the family Christmas tree. 

For years the East Grand Rapids Boosters have put on the Christmas tree sale at Gerken Plaza. Luckily this year, the Christmas tree sales still continued. With the limitations of COVID-19, it may seem like the holidays have less importance, however, the Christmas tree sale is a perfect opportunity to go out and do something fun with your family. 

Typically, the EGR sports teams contribute and volunteer to sell the Christmas trees each year. For the 2020 year, Christmas trees quickly sold out. Usually, all sports teams have the opportunity to help out, but with the high demand, the trees were all gone. 

With all of the changes that have gone on this year, people have been wanting normalcy. Continuing the tradition of getting a Christmas tree has spiced up the holidays and made it feel more like years in the past.