Quarantine takeaways


Sophia Bouwkamp, Focus Editor

Never did I think asthma would prevent me from completing everyday tasks and separate me from what I thought were the best parts of my life. 

Due to being high risk for COVID-19, I have not walked the halls of the school; however, I continue to be inspired to be more than a square on a screen, and despite obstacles, I realize if something is important to me, I can accomplish it.

Being separated from the world around you can be hard, but I have found inspiration and clung to my passion. I love helping others and finding new and creative ways to still make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. My passion for helping others provides meaning to my life. Throughout this time of being disconnected, maintaining what brings me joy has kept me connected. 

This year has undoubtedly been difficult, but navigating life differently and finding new ways to maintain connection has brought a new meaning to my life. I learned early on in the pandemic to focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do. While I see other people doing things I wish I could do, I know that I still can do a lot and I need to change my focus. Bringing a new perspective allowed me to live fully and in the moment while focusing on myself and those around me. 

While I sat in my room and navigated my senior year from Zoom, I realized that no matter the circumstances I still lived and contributed fully. 

While the world is starting to open, I know I will not be going back to my previous “go, go ,go” lifestyle, but rather focusing on what truly matters to me and how I can make the most of an impact on those around me.