Band is Back and Better than Ever


Tom Caprara

Drum Major Rotem Andegeko ’22 leads the marching band to the field.

The year is in full swing and the excitement of the epic halftime shows are back, and you can feel it on the field with the Marching Band. With every twirl of drum major Rotem Andegeko’s baton, shimmy in the boogie down, and timed steps in the moving band, the tradition of the marching band remains strong. 

While competing and partaking in these fun activities the band members still prioritize their ability to learn and grow through the class. 

 “My goal is to grow in my musical ability, such as my range of notes and ability to read music thoroughly,” Hannah Hillary ‘23 said.  

During the summers in East our marching band practices the fast melodies and dance movies of the boogies down, “For the boogies down it took us about an hour total at band camp to get the dance down. When looking at the moves and marching we [spend about ] a week of 13-14 hour days learning consistently.” Hillary said. However the members of the band can agree that the work of the boogie down pays off, because it is an East tradition to show the audience that they can do more than just play their instruments. 

“I love the boogie down. The seniors did an excellent job incorporating memories from 2021 band camp in the dance,” Anna Olsen ‘23 said.  After all the work learning the dance moves and the notes to go along with them, the marching band is expecting a fun and dance-filled season.