Is American Football All It Is Cracked Up To Be?

The start of a new school year also brings the start of a new football season. As a result of students not being able to attend most of the games in the 2020 season, they have come out in droves to support their Pioneers this year. This has prompted some people to ask, why? Does football deserve the outpouring of support from the student body? The answer to that question is an emphatic yes. The uniqueness of circumstances surrounding football differentiate it from all other sports and most definitely justify the glory and hype it receives.

The first reason that football gets treated the way it does is because it is unique. Because there are only nine football games, and they are only once a week, they feel much more special than any other sport. Compared to soccer, for example, where there are more than 20 games in a season and multiple games every week, a student may not feel the need to go to every soccer game, because there will be another one two days later. The uniqueness that the sport provides more than justifies the outpouring of support the team garners week after week.

Another reason that football gets all the love is because of what the game represents. Football is the most popular sport in America, 96.4 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, nearly a third of the population. For anyone who watches the sport, it’s easy to see that the higher the level of football, the more of a business the game becomes. While the players still want to win, they are mostly looking after their own self-interest, because it is their job, and they need a paycheck. In high school football, fans do not get that feeling. The sole reason high school players are out there is to win for each other, and you can see the brotherhood they have formed playing together from young ages all the way to high school. There is something relatable about growing a bond with people, and working together to accomplish something greater, and this relatability draws fans, unlike any other sport. Not to mention, the fans have seen this bond grow over the years right in front of their eyes, so the attachment is not just there on a relatability level, but also on a personal level. The feeling of watching something develop over the span of 10+ years and seeing that reach the pinnacle is a special feeling that not many sports have to offer. For the student body, it is a special feeling to be able to cheer for people you are with every day, especially when there are these ties that other sports do not bring to the table. They are not celebrities getting paid millions of dollars to play the game, they are friends, playing for their love of the sport and to bring us joy every Friday night.

Every year, fans pose the question, why does football get all the hype? In some instances, there is a silent resentment among other students about the significant amount of funding football receives compared to other sports.

The truth is, football deserves everything it gets and then some. The revenue that they are able to generate through ticket and concession sales, as well as the feeling of specialty each game generates as well as the bond that the team is able to build with the fanbase is unrivaled, and more than justifies the glorification of the game.

This story is from the Oct. 2021 issue of The East Vision.