Underclassmen Divers Rack up Points To Qualify for Regionals

Ava Jendritz

Isabelle Ranger ’22: What do you do in summer to dive? Do you travel far?
Ava Jendritz ‘24: The summer is club season, so I go to a bunch of meets all around the country. Sometimes for clubs I travel far but mostly for high school the drive hasn’t ever been very far away.

IR: What are your goals for this season? What dives score well?
AJ: Just to keep progressing and compete to the best of my ability. I scored well on my front 2 1/2 tuck reverse 1 1/2 pike and front 1 1/2 full twister.

IR: How are you going to prepare for states and conferences?
AJ: To prepare I will just run through my list at practice a bunch of times and go back through anything I missed.

IR: How much do you practice?
AJ: I practice 5-6 days a week. I do high school Monday-Friday from 3-5:30ish and then club either Monday 7-9 or Thursday 7-9 after high school practice.

IR: Do you feel under looked by the swim team or combined as one?
AJ: I feel like the swim and dive team try their best to be one team but it’s definitely hard because there are so many more swimmers than divers and swimming feels like the main focus.

IR: How do you balance club [diving] with high school?
AJ: I fit 2 club practices in a week so sometimes I have to go on Saturday or a double day with high school and club.

IR: Do you wanna dive in college?
AJ: Yes. I’m not sure what school I want to dive at but definitely a D1 school.


Maria Colombo

Isabelle Ranger: What are your goals for this season?
Maria Colombo ‘23: One of my goals is by the end of the season I hope to get All American. That would be a huge accomplishment for me.

IR: What drives do you score well in?
MC: For me my 203B (back one and a half pike) and my 105c ( front two and a half tuck) and my 403B ( inward one and a half pike)

IR: How are you going to prepare for states and conferences?
MC: How I am going to prepare for states and conferences is definitely doing repetition of my dives and getting them consistently good. Another thing is making sure I am eating a good diet and drinking lots of water and getting in shape for the big meets.

IR: How long is your season?
MC: Depending on if I qualify for states it’s a little over 4 months! We usually have dual meets once every week and sometimes on Saturdays we will have an 11 dive meet! .

IR: Are you looking forward to motivating the team as an upperclassman?
MC: Yes I’m very excited to carry on the traditions that this team does and teach them to the lower classmen next year. It definitely puts pressure on me but also helps me to do my best.

IR: How do you balance club diving with high school?
MC: High school diving is a huge commitment and being part of a team and showing up to practice everyday is very important so right now I am only doing my club team on Sundays.

IR: Do you want to dive in college?
MC: Yes, my goal is to dive in college. I hope to get a scholarship somewhere. I don’t know where that will be yet. I want to dive in Arizona or Purdue but that’s a life long dream that will take lots of hard work to achieve.