Getting Out of Gaslight for a Night Downtown

A jazzy melody ricochets between avenues of brick, unbothered by the honking of cabs and hollers of a passing crowd. A lone vocalist paces along Ottawa, exemplifying the vibrant spirit of a growing metropolis. Exhilarating scenes of a Saturday night mirror across any sizable town, and Grand Rapids is no different.

The population of downtown Grand Rapids increased almost 50% in the past decade, according to MLive. This led to an abundance of new cultural influences and opportunities for residents to spend a night on the town. From increased live music opportunities and a continuation of artistic events such as Art Prize, Grand Rapids has developed quite a collection of entertainment options.

The 2019 addition of Studio Park on Ionia Ave. provided new activities for residents to venture downtown for a night out. Blockbuster films such as “Dune” and “No Time to Die” entice teenagers to the area, but no visit would be complete without a sweet treat from Pump House. Should your visit stray too late into the night, Insomnia Cookies, just a block away from Studio Park, can provide the cherry on top to your thrilling night on the town.

No urban center would be complete without a buzzing live music scene. With the population increase in Grand Rapids comes a wave of new sounds. 20 Monroe Live, Van Andel Arena, and Devos Performance Hall are not alone in their ability to host musical events.

The Intersection, on the corner of Cherry and Grandville, provides live music lovers with an exemplary concert experience. Offering Grand Rapids exposure to nationally touring artists as well as developing local bands, The Intersection can enjoy the sounds of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers cover band, as well as Dayglow and Greyson Chance.

An adventure downtown may consist of a variety of potential activities, but there is no lack of entertainment available. The exhilarating feelings of urban nighttime adventures and thrilling concerts are irresistible for teenagers. High school students should take advantage of the opportunities to break out of East and explore our growing hometown.