New Weight Room Program for Athletes


George Samra

Head Trainer Jake Buehler smiles for the camera during a training system with the cross country team.

At the end of last year, then athletic director Tim Johnston contacted Power Strength to contract them to work at the high school.

“[EGR and Power Strength] worked out a deal where [EGR] allowed Power Strength to come in and take the reins,” head trainer Jake Buehler said.

Power Strength is a weightlifting program specifically designed for athletes. They undergo difficult yet beneficial training to make sure the athlete’s body is well prepared for the activities they undertake during their sport.

“My first couple times in the weight room I was nothing but shocked and impressed by how efficient Power Strength workouts are, even with 75-80 people in there. Everybody has a job there and is working at it,” athletic director Chris Zylstra said.

“Power Strength is very much like a family, the entire staff comes together quite often. Everyone treats everyone as equals, it’s a very big family environment, even among the clients and athletes that we get to work with. It is very much a family community and it shows in the work that we do,” Buehler said.

Having great results coming from Power Strength, there is a great effort put in to be able to work with all athletes. Each sports team at East Grand Rapids having the opportunity to be in the weight room, the program is very inclusive for all athletes.

“We will work with all athletes at East Grand Rapids, making sure that everyone is getting the most quality training, and learn what true sports performance should truly be, rather than going into a weight room and just squatting, benching, and deadlifting,” Buehler said.

Altogether, the benefits of Power Strength have been a great asset to East Grand Rapids athletes, and this is only the beginning. Being able to use a program that is as personable as Power Strength, athletes are in better shape to perform their best. East Grand Rapids’ new investment in a different weightlifting program is paying off on the field.

“Power Strength has a proven training system and model that we follow and is catered just for athletes,” Buehler said. “This isn’t bodybuilding, it’s not powerlifting, this is translating weight room skills directly into your sports.