Battle of the IBL Teams

IBL provides a lot of fun opportunities and is inclusive for many athletes. Instead of having the intense pressure of being a part of the Varsity Basketball team, many athletes are a part of the Intramural Basketball League, allowing them to play basketball in a team environment. The league includes all grade levels, giving a large variety of talent and competition. 

The team environment is different from the Varsity Basketball team because it has a less serious tone and a more enjoyable atmosphere. Everyone has the opportunity to play, and there is no judgment if you are not very good; everyone is just there to have fun. “The environment is less serious and funnier, which makes people want to be there and play all the time,” Preston Bergstrom ‘23 said. 

IBL tries to get in at least one practice a week while preparing for the weekly games they attend on Saturday mornings. The practice schedule is very light compared to the varsity team with little to no practice, and the games are a lot less pressure and more fun. 

“One of the best aspects about being a part of IBL is the atmosphere during the games,” Ben Ruppert ‘24 said. 

A fun gesture that makes IBL more fun is the teams and how they come together. The teams were put together randomly with many people who wanted to play. The names of the teams come from the players and how they want to represent themselves. 

“Team names were formed together as a team, and in my case, the name came from Mr. Reed,” Ben Ruppert ‘24 said. 

IBL makes it great for athletes to play not for the end goal of winning but to have fun with their teammates and make sure that everyone has a fun time.