Macy Brown Officially Commits to the University of Michigan

Macy Brown 23’ has recently announced her commitment to the University of Michigan to pursue her academic and athletic career.  

Surrounded by basketball her whole life, she decided to get on the courts in second grade.

“My mom is a basketball coach so I’ve grown up watching and playing with the help of my family,” Brown said. 

Playing for fun when she was younger, Brown never realized that she could get to the excelled point she is at now or even play college basketball. However, when she received an offer from Loyola Chicago her eyes were opened to the possibility of playing basketball at the collegiate level.

“It showed me that I could play basketball at the next level and have basketball as part of my future,” Brown said. 

During the school season Brown and the team practice everyday, including lifting and watching film. Not only does Brown play on the girls varsity team, she plays club basketball for MBA; both have been beneficial to her career.

“Both high school and club basketball have given me many opportunities to not only +improve as a player but also get exposure to be recruited,” Brown said. 

Like many others, Brown faced a tough year last year battling COVID-19 restrictions. Brown and her sister, former EGR graduate, Jillian Brown 21’, played on the varsity team last year together. Staying healthy so they could finish their season was very crucial.

“We took each day as a gift because we never knew when the season could end,” Brown said.

Sorting through offers from top-tier schools, Brown chose the University of Michigan not only for basketball but also for their stellar academic programs. The coaching staff team and players have been super welcoming from the start of her visits.

“I have an amazing relationship with the coaching staff and have gotten to know the players and overall they have a great team culture,” Brown said.

Brown has already made friends in her class from their visits. She has also known the head coach, Troy Hammond, for four years which has helped Brown feel more comfortable transitioning into a new team. 

“They’re all so nice and fun to be around,” Brown said. “I am so excited for what’s to come”. 

Since making her big announcement that has been long-awaited, Brown has received lots of attention from not only her beloved peers and family members but also many social media platforms. Brown is also featured in a podcast “What’re we missing?” on Spotify.

“At first it was overwhelming but seeing all the support I got felt really good and accomplishing,” Brown said.  

Departing from the Pioneers and becoming a Wolverine will come with bittersweet memories from playing with her classmates. 

“We have so many fun memories like riding the buses home and blasting music before games,” Brown said. 

Filled with excitement, Brown hopes to either go into sports broadcasting or pursue her basketball career professionally. 

“I hope to have an amazing college career and possibly continue my career in a professional setting,” Brown said. 

As always, Brown will work hard this season along with her team to win districts. However, this year is less stressful for Brown now that she’s committed.

“Now that I’m committed a lot of weight is off my shoulders,” Brown said, “It’s a big sense of relief for sure”.