New Clubs

Already in the new year, there are so many new clubs that students can join, and all are welcome. 

Some of the new clubs so far are Fashion Club, Cards for the Community, Coding Club, and Activism Club. 

Fashion club was started by Willa Moore ‘23, “The club was just an idea I had had for a while because I really have a passion for clothing,” Moore said,“I knew a few other people that also were passionate about clothing and would want to join. I also thought the club would make the school more creative.” 

In the fashion club, they have a few things they do, but right now, since the club has only recently started, they are making mood boards and collages. 

Fashion club is very inclusive for all that take interest in joining, “Everyone has their own sense of fashion that others don’t have,” Moore says, “and that shouldn’t restrict you from wanting to join the club.” 

Furthermore, the Cards for the Community club was started in inspiration from another program, called ‘Letters Against Isolation,’ that was impactful during the hit of COVID-19. “I thought that our community could still use this,” Skylar Bouwkamp ‘23 said. 

In the Cards for the Community Club, they “write cards for various organizations around the community,” Lily Kugler ‘23 said. 

The cards for the community club can be so impactful to others because it’s  “something small you can do that has a big impact on other people in your community,” Kugler said.

In Coding Club, it’s just getting started, but they plan on doing competitions and get people more experienced with coding to give talks and lessons. “I really enjoy coding,” Ray Cai ‘25 said, “and since the school doesn’t have very many STEM-related clubs, I thought it’d be beneficial.” 

The Activism Club has also just recently started, they plan on trying to raise money for the club, as well as encourage students to advocate for change. “I started the Activism Club because I wanted to make a difference in not only the community but also branching out of East,” Sydney Timmer ‘23 said, “I wanted a way for people to actually make a difference outside of just spreading awareness.”

The fashion club meets every other Thursday, for 30-45 minutes right after school. The Cards For The Community Club has meetings once a month. Coding Club meets every other Thursday.

The Activism Club has its next meeting on Feb. 28, and meets every couple of weeks. For all these clubs, you are welcome to show up whenever or get the reminder code to hear about when meetings will be. 

“If anyone is even considering joining, then we encourage you to come to a meeting and see if you would be interested,” Timmer said. 

This article appeared in the February edition of The East Vision.