Athletes go crazy for Grant Newton’s media talent


Gn_media the account you’ve seen all over your instagram. Whether it’s for the game day edits, media days, or hype videos. He does it all, and he’s changing the view on EGR sports forever.

Grant Newton started his time at East last november while helping coach the hockey team. 

“I came to East Grand Rapids to win. Both on the ice and on social media,” Newton said. 

The pictures and videos he began taking and posting not only made the instagram account prosper with followers but the “Stew” was created. The Stew is also known as the student section. His work created a huge interest in coming to support the hockey team. This contributed to other sports teams awaiting media days and highlight videos to flatter their team. 

Grant has been involved in sports his whole life and that is what got him into sports videography. 

“I was lucky enough to win a state championship in hockey as a senior in high school,” Newton said, “Those moments I shared with my teammates and classmates from that season were incredible and no one captured them on video.” 

JT LaMange ‘24, who is a player on the East Hockey team, suffered a severe injury last year and bonded with Newton over his friendly and positive spirit.  Thankfully, Newton gave him the opportunity to contribute to the team off the ice.

“When I tore my ACL, I was out for more than half of the hockey season, despite the rough time, Grant was always there checking up on me and trying to keep me involved right away,” Lamange said, “He taught me how to use his camera and I helped him take pictures and record videos for his media.”

Newton graduated from Michigan State University with a marketing degree in 2018. And believe or not he still does work a 9-5 job at an architectural firm. He coordinates large photo and video shoots for recently completed projects.

“My firm is really flexible and understands that this is my passion,” Newton said. 

In his limited free time outside of filming, Newton loves to golf, travel and play with his two year old rescue dog. 

“The hardest thing about sports content is not being a spectator,” Newton said, “You have to watch the game through the lens instead of enjoying it with your eyes and that can be a challenge.” 

Newton has only been contributing to EGR sports for less than a year and has helped film and take photos for 11 sports, 2 state championship teams, and film football hype videos that are released every week. 

From huge moments like the Girls lacrosse state championship to smaller moments like hearing our student section chant Ryan Padgett’s name last season, all of these memories will stick with people for a long time,” Newton said, “Being able to capture and share the moments makes this job so rewarding.” 

Grant has not slowed down, he has many goals for the next sports season and his future ahead.

“First and foremost, I’d like to help bring East Grand Rapids its first state championship in hockey. In terms of my business, I’d like to do this as my full time job and continue to grow. I’d love to work for a professional team at some point, but I am not in any rush to get there.” Newton said. 

Newton has changed sports at EGR forever. He has captured moments that athletes will remember for the rest of their lives, he has encouraged many people to come support a variety of sports at East, and he has created excitement for our school that every student is highly appreciative for. We are so lucky to have someone like Grant Newton.