IBL: the rage of the winter fun


The best two seasons are right around the corner: Christmas and IBL season. IBL, also known as the Intramural Basketball League, is the most popular after school program during the Winter. The high schools’ IBL program was started by Mr. Hopkins, and when he retired, it was passed down to Zach Wiener. He has been a commissioner ever since.

“When I was in High School I enjoyed playing IBL because I wasn’t very good at basketball, but it was just a chance to get out there and have fun with my friends. So when this opportunity was available for me to keep the league alive, I took it,” Wiener said.

IBL takes place on Saturday mornings throughout the winter. Teams are formed by students at EGR, they can make their own teams, and it can be a mixture of boys and girls. The game scores are recorded and games are refereed by highly certified varsity players.

“I joined IBL because I stopped playing basketball but I still wanted to have something fun to do in the winter”, reigning Champion, Nick Collins ‘23 said.

Many retired school basketball players rule the court. This makes the competition range from highly skilled to people who never made a basket before. IBL doesn’t discriminate and allows for participation amongst all students.

“I’m looking forward to just playing basketball even though I’m not very good at it. It’s kind of fun to just hang out and mess around.  Although I am most scared to play TBT, they are returning champions with lots of skill,” Jake Potter ‘23, a new member, said.

Games are played between all different grade levels and teams aren’t limited to one grade. Toward the end of the league, brackets are made and the tournament begins. At the end there is a championship game with a trophy on the line. At the championship game the crowds are packed, real referees are called in, the game is filmed, and the title is ready to be placed on one team. This is what all the teams are ready to receive this year.