Mr. Horos and his journey to becoming a ‘car guy’


Not only is Mr. Horos your favorite social studies teacher, but he could also be your mechanic, maybe even your car dealer. Just picture it: Horos Porsche, or maybe Horos Ford. Whatever you may think of, Mr. Horos can answer your questions about cars.

While many students at East Grand Rapids get their first car around the age of 16 or 17, Mr. Horos, on the other hand, got his first car a little later.

“At 22 I had to buy my first car and I got really into learning about it and I fell in love with them,” Horos said.

Horos’ love for cars is more about the car itself than its looks. 

“I like researching and learning things and there’s just so much to learn about cars,” Horos said.

Many people have heard the term ‘Car guy’ before, whether on social media, through a car-loving friend, or maybe you consider yourself to be one. Mr. Horos, however, defines ‘Car Guy’ differently than most. When asked about how he defines one, Horos provided a pretty general answer. 

“A car guy is anyone that likes cars,” Horos said. “Car enthusiast is maybe more what we use now but absolutely.”

Today, Mr. Horos is rocking some different rides. Over time, he has invested time and money into learning and buying different cars. While his rides today might be more desirable for most, his first car was not for many.

“A 1999 Chrysler Sebring. Not a convertible, but at the time I thought it was awesome and so did my friends,” Horos said. 

Horos gets a little more excited talking about his cars today, though. Horos has three cars currently. 

“I have a Hyundai Touissant… It’s pretty boring but my wife likes it because it’s kind of a piece of crap. So, if it gets scratched, or ruined, or we have kids over and they break stuff, it’s ok,” Horos explained. 

Even though Horos does not have a ton of love for his Touissant, he uses it to make a difference.

“This summer I drove refugees for the refugee education center, and I often took the Toussaint because they would just eat food and throw it all over the car, and this way who cares,” Horos said.

Horos also has other rides he finds to be more favorable. 

“I have a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider. It’s a convertible, with 2 seats, it has a tiny engine in it but, it’s really fun to drive because it’s rear-wheel drive,” Horos said. 

Horos also uses his ‘Car Guy’ knowledge and experience to work on and enjoy his car in unique ways, making his love for his Fiat special. 

“I like it because it is a convertible and I can take it to the racetrack and do small races with it. It’s easy to work on and I’ve done a couple modifications to it,” Horos explained. 

Even though Horos uses his Touissant to make a difference and his Fiat to have fun, the crown jewel of his collection is in a league of its own.

“My newest car is a Mustang GT Mach-E which is kind of like a Tesla Model Y but it’s really fast, maybe too fast. It can also be rear-wheel drive,” Horos said.

Horos likes to use the Mustang to create some thrill in his driving if he so desires. 

“Rear-Wheel Drive is fun because when you go around a corner and step on the throttle the back kicks out a little,” Horos said.

Horos’ reference to RWD was his way of saying he can and does, drift if he gets the chance at the track even if he didn’t want to come out and say he does it. 

Although Horos has some sweet cars right now, he is still looking for his next purchase and thinking about his dream car. 

“Probably a Porsche 718 Boxster Spyder. A two-seat convertible, the spyder means it has a bigger engine,” Horos said. 

Horos’ preference towards Porsche was no secret. Horos was checking out a gray Porsche Boxter online when we came to his room. 

Make sure to ask Mr. Horos about his cars when you get a chance. Also, feel free to talk about your car with him, he is always open to talking about any type of car.