IBL is back and better than ever


The long-awaited IBL (Intramural Basketball League) season finally began this past Saturday, January 7th. 

Once a week, each of the 13 teams will play two games to build up to the championship game in February. 

Since new teams have been formed this year, including an all-girls team, much excitement has developed over who will dominate the court this year.  Going by the name WNBA, the girls’ team feels optimistic and well-prepared for their games. 

“We had one practice and then we’re gonna practice tonight, the night before,” Kate Simon 25’ said. 

Between their two games on Saturday, the girls managed to put up 19 points against some of the tougher competition. Hopefully, the WNBA will secure a victory in the coming weeks.

Another team that has created some buzz is the “Hoop Dudes”, who are currently undefeated after scoring 57 points this past weekend. 

“We have Eli Huey and he sweats, a lot,” Robbie Dwortz 23’ said. 

Last year’s champs, better known as “The Basketball Team” is currently ranked second. This fact has led to many questions on whether or not they will be able to pull off securing the number one spot this year.  

“From birth, I was destined to play IBL basketball and to beat The Basketball Team’’ Dwortz said. 

IBL is a favored tradition at East because it gives students something to look forward to during the cold winter months.

“It’s a lot of fun, and everyone always has a smile on their face,” Dwortz said.