As the snow melts, ski season concludes

As the snow melts, ski season concludes

After a thrilling race at regionals, the ski team placed second overall putting them in a confident position as conference and states approach. 

“I’m definitely very proud of my team for getting second at regionals, it’s no easy task, but everyone on our team works so hard to make it to the place we are right now,” Hannah Darooge ‘25 said. 

Starting back in November the team has committed hours to train, lift, and travel up North all in hopes to better themselves for the state championship. 

“The end goal is to definitely win states. We came close last year so we are determined to redeem first place this year. To accomplish first place we have been trying to get as much skiing on the snow as we can. We have also been working out in the gym to get us stronger,” Lillian Koster ‘23 said. 

However, the team has been experiencing difficulties as the weather is becoming warmer. The warm weather and sunshine have caused the snow to melt and create icy slopes. This has been an obstacle for the skiers and their training, although they have become used to the uncertainty of the weather. 

Another component of the team that makes the season difficult is the competition among teammates. To explain, everyone is always competing for their spot on Varsity since the ones who race on Varsity are the only skiers that can score points. Head coach KC Mcgovern selects six boys and six girls to compete for Varsity in each race in either giant slalom, slalom or both This means that sometimes the skiers competing on Varsity change. 

“Something challenging would be how close everyone’s times are together during races. I think that especially on this team everyone wants to be the best but because everyone is so good you really have to push yourself,” Koster said. 

Despite the time and dedication the skiers contribute to their sport, they make sure to find time to partake in long-lasting traditions that they look forward to each season. Lilly Wert ‘23 said one of her favorite memories is “making neckies for the team before a big race.”

This tradition is special because “the seniors get to pick out the fabric and make them which is really fun and it’s a tradition that has gone on for many years,” Wert said.

This year there are seven seniors on the team which means that after this season many talented racers will have graduated.

 “I think that the seniors have had a huge impact on the overall feel of the team, they definitely keep everyone together and know how to make everyone feel included in every aspect of the team,” Darooge said, “A huge part of our team is seniors and I think it will definitely be difficult to see them go. So many good racers will be lost, meaning that I’m not sure what our outcome will be at races next season.” 

The ski team without a doubt is one of the smallest teams the school offers but this allows the racers to create tight friendships with each other.  

“I’ll miss the chairlift rides with all the girls on the team and the bond between everyone. It’s a small team so we’re all super close and know each other and it’s something I’m really going to miss,” Wert said. 

Koster said that one of her favorite memories throughout this season has been “hanging out with my awesome teammates and having the opportunity to ski with my little brother.” 

With only a few weeks in the season, the team is excited to compete in their final races. The skiers will race on Feb. 21 at the Conference Championship and Feb. 27 at the State Championship. 

“We only have States and Conferences left, but I think that Varsity is more motivated than ever. We don’t want to come home empty-handed, especially since our team is so dominated by seniors we know we have worked up to this moment for so long and spent so many long hours training up North.” Jenna Wynsma ‘23 said.