Lowry the Love Guru gives his twelve dating tips

After the success of my last relationship article, I’m back with some more advice – I’ll give you my tips and tricks for having “rizz”. We’ll explore habits, fashion, and wit, all in the name of  “upping” our rizz. 


  1. Read philosophy. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom should be undertaken as an end-in-itself – of this, there is no doubt. But it also prepares us for a complex world with people wildly different from us. Reading philosophy and philosophizing cultivates a mature and well-rounded personality. It gives us the chance, the opportunity to see things from other perspectives. Suspending judgment and disbelief is essential to understanding the people around us. Philosophy is at its best when used to better understand the world and occupy our place in it. – Plus, it’s always nice to have a deep conversation with a partner, friend, or person you just met.
  2. Put effort into what you wear. Make sure your clothes don’t match or clash. It doesn’t matter what your style is or anything—effort is what counts. A nice sweater with a crisp oxford shirt is a classic! 
  3. Think on your feet. Modern dating requires a whole lot of banter and intelligent humor. Being able to ‘get’ each other’s humor is essential to successful flirting. Getting each other’s references, wordplay, and background helps the relationship feel comfortable and natural.
  4. Taking care of hygiene and personal appearance is always a good habit. It shows you care about how you look. It gives you the appearance of someone who’s conscientious and put-together, capable and confident.
  5. Be kind and courteous but DO NOT be a ‘nice guy’—the type of guy who expects reciprocated romantic feelings after being polite in some way. Manners are important, of course, but they don’t obligate people to be attracted to you. 
  6. Don’t be rude and cruel and expect people to like you. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t like being mocked or delayed—you’ll be a nuisance, not attractive. Distracting a class full of people isn’t cute or funny—it’s annoying and detestable. As the Dowager Countess says in “Downton Abbey”, “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.”
  7. Either grow your hair out or cut it short; stop looking like a blinded sheepdog.
  8. Wash your face daily! It really helps with acne, trust me. 
  9. Work out! Get those gains! Physical fitness improves your mental and physical health, and going for a run or walk with a partner can be an immensely beneficial bonding experience. 
  10. Find interests that you and your crush share. Talking about shared interests can make you two like each other more, and proves there’s some compatibility… Try things outside of your comfort zone—go on a roller coaster, go ziplining, or take a chance and try holding their hand. 
  11. Go out of your way to do nice things for your crush! Actually flirt with them, buy flowers and chocolates! Put some effort into it! Try to find and understand the things that your crush likes and finds interesting, and try to put in the efforts of liking those same things. Try to reach them on a level of similarities. 
  12. Tell your crush you like them. It’s scary, I know, but it’s the only way to get anywhere with romantic relationships. One success I had was when I just opened up and said, “I like you, I heard you like me—wanna date?” And it worked, much to my surprise!