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The many benefits of a boy band

Elliott Adams, Liam McCarthy, Daniel Redmon, and Ben Knape have been playing together for over three years

Lauren Vanden Bosch, Staff Writer

Elliott Adams’, Liam McCarthy’s, Daniel Redmon’s, and Ben Knape’s decision to create a band with one another has turned out to be one of the most valuable choices of their high school career.

The band was started freshman year in Elliott’s basement and has assembled infrequently to practice and play together since that time.

The seniors have found out since then that there are many advantages and amenities that come with making music together.

First and foremost their band is a much-needed break from stressful sports and schoolwork and a way to hang out together, bond, and have a good time.

“I love being able to be with my squires and play the music that we have all grown up with and know and love,” McCarthy said.

Knape agreed.

“I really just enjoy learning new songs on my own and then hearing it all come together with Liam, Elliott, and Daniel,” he said. “It’s always really fun.”

Playing their music is occasionally entertaining not just for themselves but also for other people.

“We’ve played some gigs and those are always a blast and easy money,” McCarthy said.

Additionally, going to concerts and seeing popular artists there allow the boys to envision who they would like to possibly become in the future.

“At shows we always get to hear cool new songs and meet cool new people,” McCarthy said, “and that always inspires us to play more and better as a group.”

Concerts are also a good way for the boys to bond over their shared love of the same bands and types of music, such as their favorite rock band Phish.

“We all went to Chicago and saw Phish at Wrigley Field two nights in a row,” said Knape. “That was really crazy.”

But, according to McCarthy,“picking up chicks” is the best part about having the band and was one of the main reasons for starting it in the first place.

Arguably, however, the strongest relationships the boys have now are not with their admiring fangirls but with each other.

“We’re all really close friends so even if we aren’t playing music we hang out on the weekends,” said Knape.

Over the past three years the three have “done a lot of fun things” and made a ton of memories together.

“One practice we got a whole apple clogged in Elliott’s toilet,” McCarthy reminisced. “Long story short the toilet was fine and no one questioned our intentions.”

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