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Lauren Vanden Bosch, Web Editor

After obsessively studying Gaelic (the Irish language) for a year, Lauren knows that she could probably become passionate about just about anything if she put her mind to it. She hopes to be an author someday and has already decided on her pen name. This year she's excited to lace up her running shoes again for cross country and track. When she's not designing and/or updating this website you can find her scrambling to locate a missing item or screaming herself hoarse at a nearby robotics competition. Fun fact: A true 'Lord of the Rings' enthusiast, she currently owns twenty-one books and magazines by, about, or relating to J.R.R. Tolkien. She's also a proud graduate of 2018 MIPA camp with Katherine Lykins.

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Psychology is the rare class you can easily connect to your own life.

Get ‘psyched’

January 23, 2019

[Photo] LYD

October 10, 2018

[Photo] Key

October 1, 2018
student council (1)

[Photo] Shelter

October 6, 2018

[Photo] Smash

November 9, 2018

[Photo] Wistem

September 28, 2018
Untitled design

[Photo] Harry Potter

September 21, 2018

[Photo] Film

October 1, 2018

[Photo] ACT

September 1, 2018
Programming Club

[Photo] Programming

October 1, 2018
SAT Club

[Photo] Tea

October 1, 2018

[Photo] Environmental

October 1, 2018
Guitar Club

[Photo] Guitar

September 28, 2018

[Photo] Cards

September 21, 2018
Due to its many dangers, students should wait until college to use the dating app Tinder.

[Photo] Podcast

September 28, 2018
SAT and ACT Success

SAT and ACT Success

February 26, 2018

IB Student Interviews

January 19, 2018

IB DP “Mythbusters”

January 19, 2018

Q & A with Josh Pullen

October 16, 2017
Carlie Couzens and Clara Luce 18 drive the robot during a match while Danielle DeRoseau 19 coaches.


October 16, 2017
Clara Luce 18 shows the capabilities of the robot to interested onlookers.


October 16, 2017
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