EGR schools have icy ‘day on’


Lauren Vanden Bosch

Icy weather conditions can be dangerous for those commuting to and from school.

Bailey Vydareny, Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 15 will be a day talked about for years in the East Grand Rapids Community.

It will be impossible to forget the day of sliding to your next destination instead of walking.

It will be impossible to forget that every surface exposed to the outside air seemed to be covered in a thin sheet on ice.

And of course, it will be impossible to forget that we still had school on this day.

East Grand Rapids Public Schools was one of the few school districts open on January 15. Maybe it was too late to cancel school or call a delay, yet somehow almost every other district in Kent County were able to figure out that maybe it was not the best idea to try to send anyone to school that day.

Yes, the roads were bad, but main roads were salted. Sidewalks, however were not. I managed to see more students skating to school that morning instead of walking. It was a hazard to even lift your feet off the ground

This may seem like a dramatic reaction having school on an icy day. We are in Michigan.

However, anyone who set foot on a sidewalk or unsalted road that day can tell you this reaction is appropriate. Even those who didn’t take a single step outside know at least someone impacted by the day.

Injuries included stitches, broken wrists, concussions, car crashes, and far more slipping on ice than should be alloted in a days time.

Though the day’s events were treacherous, I do believe that the administration was trying to do what they would be best for the community.

Before walking outside, no ice was visible, the day was seemingly normal.

However, after walking outside it became quite apparent any travel would be dangerous.

It was a mistake to not call school off, but I understand it was a very difficult decision and day for the administration.