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IB Student Interviews

Lauren Vanden Bosch and Natalie Regan

Q: What is IB?

A: “It’s just another program like AP. You take specific classes but you have to build off of that; you have to do service requirements. You do a long research project called the Extended Essay and so it’s just like taking classes similar to AP but doing a little extra work outside of school. – Lainey Skaggs ’18

“IB makes you think about knowledge more than the actual content. It focuses on understanding instead of memorizing. It also focuses on how all of the courses connect to each other and how the knowledge can be used for worldly situations. We also take the Theory of Knowledge class, which gives us an insight to how we know what we know. We have to do charity and volunteer work around the criteria of creativity, service, and activity to make us more well-rounded.

Q: Why did you decide to take IB?

A: “I was never big on school, so I decided to push myself and try something different. The program focuses on critical thinking and presents many challenges, which I thought was interesting. Also, the program is international, which means anyone in the world could be learning the exact same thing I’m learning right now.” – Anna Pike ’19

Q: How is taking IB different from other classes you’ve taken?

A: “In IB we look at differing opinions which really broadened my understanding of the topics being discussed. When writing essays looking at different opinions makes for a well-rounded argument. – Lily Kate Rogers ’19

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IB Student Interviews