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Truths about the IB Diploma Programme

Lauren Vanden Bosch, Staff Writer

Truth #1: Taking IB limits your options. You cannot take more than one class in the same subject area (two electives or two languages), even though according to IB rules you are technically allowed to.

“Overall, we need to grow the programme to allow for more choices and flexibility within our programme,” McKinney admitted.

You also cannot dual enroll in KCTC or  another college. You cannot take online classes. You are unable to take electives such as Journalism, Yearbook, DDT, Photography, or Interior Design.

Truth #2: In order to be eligible for the IB DP you must plan ahead. Your sophomore year you have to take certain classes so you can participate in IB. You must already be enrolled in a language, take a prerequisite to your chosen IB elective, and not be behind in math. Some students are unable to take IB because they do not fulfill these requirements.

Truth #3: The school board and teachers are pushing the program hard. A great deal of advertising is done to freshman and sophomores, and if you have a good academic record you may find yourself being highly encouraged to take the program by your counselor or IB teachers who want to feed and help grow a fledgling program.

“I felt heavily pressured to take this program by Mrs. McKinney and a counselor,” said one IB DP student, whose identity will remain private.

You cannot let yourself be unduly influenced by others; you have to make the decision that works best for you. IB is a big commitment and will greatly affect the rest of your high school career.

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Truths about the IB Diploma Programme