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The DOs and DON’Ts of Spam Accounts

The braggers, the wannabes, the criers, and the snoopers

Erin Rogers, Staff Writer

An Instagram account created solely to receive attention for scandalous photos, college acceptance letters, emotional posts, and flaunting the abuse of drugs and alcohol is known as a spam account.

Spam accounts center around the idea of the unspoken aspects of the life of the high school student. The purpose of spams is to post funny pictures and rant about life.

There are many different types of spam users, but all of them use Instagram as a platform for less serious, unedited posts about themselves. One of the most critical factors in a spam account is the username. A spam username has to be witty and slightly inappropriate to catch a potential follower’s attention.

An eye-catching username is something that all spam users strive to have,  regardless of how they use their spam.

The many different spam types boil down to a few different categories. There are the braggers, the wannabes, the criers, and the snoopers.

The braggers use their account as a trophy case for their many accomplishments like state titles, EVERY college acceptance letter they have received and the plethora of assignments and projects they have received an A on. The braggers will stop at nothing to prove they are the most accomplished and most successful people you know, and the fact that you can follow them is an honor that should be recognized.

Although the braggers may be annoying, it is comforting to know the try-hards of the school will lead clubs and sports team to success.  

The most notorious spam user is the wannabe. The wannabe encourages photos of them using drugs or alcohol at a party to look cool and “exciting.” While the post may seem funny at the moment, seeing the notifications the following morning filled with questions isn’t so exciting. These spam users will try to have as many of followers as possible, so they have a wide range of fans to entertain.  

These risque posts are often at the expense of someone else who was not invited to the party which leads us to the next infamous spam user, the criers. The criers are the emotional users of Instagram that provide a slideshow of photos of them crying in many different locations.

“You shouldn’t make that public for people to see and keep some things private and in the end, they are just drawing attention,” Kate Mckiegan 19’ said.

With all these dramatic posts there has to be a fan base for all this spam madness. The spectators just sit back with their popcorn and watch all the drama unfold. The snoopers only have a spam account to enjoy all the excitement they are not apart of and to screenshot some of these outrageous posts. The snoopers are sneakiest of followers because they are always lurking on profiles for the latest gossip.

They are also some of the stingiest when it comes to followers because they want to make sure their spam is very low key but, not to the point that their account is seen at as “too exclusive.”

The science of the spam is very particular, but the snooper is the safest route if you are looking for the spam experience without the drama. Avoid posting things that may offend your fan base along with photos that will keep you out of trouble.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Spam Accounts