Freshman Focus

Paul Janes, Staff Writer

Almost a semester into the school year, many of the freshmen have gotten a hold of how things work here at the high school.
However, just because the freshmen are involved and know what is going on, it does not mean the rest of the students here at EGR know who the freshmen are. One of these fresh faces this year is freshman class president, Jack Webb ‘21.
Jack seems like your model East Grand Rapids High school student. He is involved with the freshman class student council, he plays two sports, tennis and golf, and he is one of the Michigan State Spartans biggest fans.
Jack is also the president of the freshman class which comes with a lot of added responsibility. Jack got involved with student council in 7th grade, and he sees it as a good opportunity.
“I got involved with student council because it was an opportunity for me to become a leader for the school and it was also a new experience that I had always wanted to try.” Webb said, but it wasn’t easy for him to muster up the courage to run.
“Mrs Marlow played a huge role in me getting involved. She encouraged me to try for president and I’m glad she did,” he said, but during “my seventh grade speech to become president, I was so nervous I was shaking.”
Being the president comes with a lot of added responsibility as opposed to just being a representative, and Jack feels the need to show support to all aspects of the school.
“I think my responsibility as president is to attend school events and non-curriculars like sports and such while also help put together events for the school.”
He has taken his new responsibilities as president in stride. Last year he successfully ran a fundraiser for Ele’s Place that raised over 500$ in less than two weeks, which is the accomplishment Jack is most proud of as the Student Council President. However, student council at the high school is different.
“High school student council is different than middle school [because] in the high school there are bigger, broader groups working together to come up with fundraising ideas, events, and put together dances. While in the middle school we lacked fundraising and were limited to what we could do.” Webb said. Jack plans to accomplish many things while at the high school. He wants to leave the school better then when he came here, but he has one specific goal in mind.
“My biggest goal is to plan fun events for the school and have good attendance.” Webb said. Webb wants to work to improve the student council and the freshman class’s experience at the high school. With a fresh face on the school’s council they are full of new ideas and aspirations.
“Student council has improved my high school experience because I get to know a lot of new people [and] get to work with [them] to improve the high school experience. Some advice I have for future freshmen is to get to know new people and don’t be scared to reach out, try new things and find what you’re passionate about.” And for Jack that’s become student council.