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Search for snow days

Erin Rogers, Staff Writer

East Grand Rapids High School and the greater East community is saying goodbye to our highly-esteemed superintendent, Dr. Sara Shubel. She is very thankful for her time here in our school district and we hope she continues to show her leadership, advocacy, and lack of snow day compassion.

Our district is grateful for her 12 years of hard work for the district and would like to wish her the best of luck on her future journeys. The district has already begun the search for someone to fulfill the duties of Dr. Shubel as successfully as she did. The school board wants to make sure that the community’s voice is heard so they have provided a survey on the district’s website that is open to the public. All the survey responses will be sent to the Michigan Association of School Boards for further review.

There has also been a selected student board that is planning to review that candidates and present their opinions about the next superintendent. The board is a randomly selected group of students to be a part of the process.

“Other students and I sat down with Dr. Rodney Green to discuss what we felt was important in a new superintendent. We told him what we liked about East and other issues that we feel needed to be addressed within the district in the next three to five years,” Maddy González ‘19 said.

The residents of East Grand Rapids are encouraged to make their opinions heard to ensure that the school is making the right decision for our community. As the search becomes more specific, more information can be found on the district’s webpage. On the page you can find the press release and the open letter that Dr. Shubel wrote to the East Grand Rapids school district.

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Search for snow days