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That’s what he said

Jack Hollis, Staff Writer

Spilling the Beans

Guys are always talking about which girls they think are cute or who they are SnapChatting.

Boys spill the beans often, and most times relatively quickly after a new interest arises, or after guys have hooked up with someone.

“Hookups are a very common topic between me and my friends,” Jack Billo ’19 said.

The conversations can be about the hook-up itself, or how the experience was.

“We just ask how was it, how far did you go, did you get that dub, ya know, the basics,” Jacob Starner ’20 said.

The nature of the conversation really depends on the nature of the relationship as well, though.

What really is a Hook-Up?

What really is considered “hooking up”? This question is often asked when friends are talking about how far they have gone.

“Making out, and maybe sometimes going past that,” John Shelton ’20 said.

Hookups are a very common topic between me and my friends.”

— Jack Billo '19

Although most definitions are relatively broad, most guys can agree that it starts off with kissing.

The Hook-Up

With the ease of communication over texting and SnapChat, guys are able to talk to girls they may be interested in more often than just during school or on the weekends (assuming they don’t hit you with an o-bomb).

This can also be a way to “plan” a hook-up and possibly talk to them before and after.

Kelly Murray ’20 said he talks to girls prior to possibly hooking up with them, “on occasions, but it depends if she is nice.”

“Like if we’re talking logistics…then sorta,” Starner said. “But usually you just gotta go for it.”

“Some people do, some people don’t. Some people just like the feel of the moment,” Billo said.

So now once you’ve talked to the girl about the potential of hooking up with them, most guys wonder: where?

This is really dependent on the situation, but one commonly thought of place is at a party.

“Some people go to parties to hook-up with people,” Billo said. “Other people go to parties just for the fun of it, but yeah it’s a possibility.”

Some people don’t feel the same.

Shelton said, “No I don’t, that’s kind of disgusting.”

Again, the time and place really depends on the situation.

High school is a chaotic, stressful, and uncertain time for both boys and girls. What each guy experiences varies but it typically includes school and hooking up. Along with the chaos, stress, and uncertain feelings, come poor decision making.

Guys, if you are uncertain about a situation (particularly a hook-up), just think to yourself: How is this going to turn out? If you have to think about it for too long, just do everyone a favor and don’t do it.

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That’s what he said