Ryan Post: Keep it cartoons

Ryan Post, Staff Writer

Live action movies are on the rise and it is a trend that needs to stop. These movies deceive the public eye and create worlds where cartoon or animated characters live in the same world and interact with real human beings. An absurd amount of old animated movie are being recreated in live action and getting ruined.

Instead of remaking movies that were already good, why not try to make new original movies?”

— Ryan Post '20

Disney has seemed to think they have made a breakthrough as they are releasing multiple live action recreations of their old animated movies. In reality they are taking the originality out of their own movies and just trying to go with new trends while trying to fit into modern culture. The movies being recreated are ones that were extremely successful and the creators are just looking for more ways to try and reuse their own popularity by just changing how it looks.

Not to mention recreating these classics are a safer bet when it comes to making money.

Instead of just trying to remake movies that were already good and that people love, why not try to make new original movies that can expand the film industry and not make it stand still in terms of creativity and originality?

Obviously people are going to see every single one of these new live action movies as they release but the way it is happening is just wrong. As creators run out of new ideas they think that they can just re-release practically the same movies to keep a steady stream of unbelievable amounts of money coming in.

Most people disagree in a sense that these are such loveable movies and who wouldn’t want to see a new version of them, right?

Well yes, but these aren’t new movies they are the exact same movies but they are able to deceive the public into wanting to see it by making it look “better.”

If we keep going down this same track and it keeps working for these massive companies then eventually we can just stop expecting new ideas and keep waiting for our favorite movies to be released again so they can double their money as our culture stops growing.