Bowdie’s Chophouse: is it necessary to Gaslight?


Kiki Katsumama-Smith

Outside new Bowdie’s restaurant in Gaslight Village where iconic Derby Station once stood

Lauren Bentley, Staff Writer

Throughout the year’s many different restaurants have been added to and removed from Gaslight Village. Some include Gaslight Kitchen, Mix, Carolina’s, and most recently Bowdie’s Chophouse. This new restaurant is a steakhouse and is a more high-end restaurant than what is normally in Gaslight. 

The addition of more expensive restaurants in Gaslight, specifically Bowdie’s Chophouse, could be seen as controversial. There may be a want for expensive restaurants, or some may feel that it is unnecessary.  “I don’t think it’s necessary to have expensive restaurants in Gaslight, because I feel as if Gaslight is mostly populated by children who don’t have money,” Acacia Walter-Brooks ‘20 said. 

Bowdie’s Chophouse could be seen by many students as too expensive. Since there has never been a restaurant like this in Gaslight before, is it a necessary addition? “Yes, because it provides variety,” Cole Ruehle ‘22 said. Although we have had expensive restaurants like Carolina’s and Rose’s, this new addition is the only steakhouse that is available in the small village, unless you were to drive elsewhere. 

Along with providing variety, many East Grand Rapids students also have jobs there. “I think it gives people more options for dinner, now we have multiple dining options that are nearby so you don’t have to drive far away to get a certain type of food,” Mallory Houlihan ‘22 said, who is also employed there. It may possibly serve as a more convenient option if you want to have a nice dinner, according to some students in East. 

However, students may also feel that there are places to eat potentially more suited than Bowdie’s, or other expensive restaurants such as Rose’s and Carolina’s. “No, I don’t think Bowdie’s is necessary, because I feel that it could turn into something more kid and young adult-friendly,” Walter-Brooks stated. 

Along with adding new restaurants, many businesses have also left the small village. Specifically, some cheaper restaurants that might be more affordable for the general population of Gaslight. There could also be a larger amount of different types of food, “I think Rose’s Express needs to come back because it’s cheap pizza and were also missing Indian and Mexican food,” Ruehle continued. 

There seem to be very split opinions on whether or not expensive places to eat are necessary for Gaslight or not. Whether it’s because there are too many teenagers and children for a fancy restaurant, or because you think it adds something new, there are differing opinions. 

The cause of the contrasting opinions of cheap and expensive restaurants could have to do with many different factors. Whether you eat in Gaslight for lunch and feel that the dining should continue to be on the cheaper side. Or, you want a nice dinner without having to drive very far. Bowdie’s Chophouse, the newest addition, is definitely the conversation starter on the topic of expensive restaurants in Gaslight.