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Lauren Bentley

Lauren Bentley, Focus Editor

Lauren Bentley, L-Dawg, Bentleyyyyy, Hen.  There is no other way to describe Miss Bentley than the beloved prose of Katy Perry.  

California girls, We're undeniable, Fine, fresh, fierce”

The Vision’s favorite San Diego native, a serendipitous move carried her to the classroom of Mrs. Michell just a few years prior.  At any given moment, you’ll find our very own California Girl adorned with rose gold jewelry with Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew in hand.  

Her affinity for early Taylor Swift runs deep, but never deeper than her expansive knowledge of the Amish.  The fine, fresh, and fierce Miss Hen Bentley is an experienced journalist, avid golfer, and Bill of Rights aficionado.  The eighth wonder of the world, a true gem of a Gemini, The Vision is lucky to have Lauren.


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