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Isa Grunwaldt, Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Isabella Grunwaldt and I am a senior this year.  I am applying to ten colleges, and I want to major in Public Policy (Health or educational). I have been able to maintain high grades throughout my high school career and been inducted into the National Honors society. I am not a big sports person, but I love staying fit and I was on Crew my freshman year. I have been a part of a plethora of clubs and have even started my own, (though not super successful or popular), a club called Freedom to Read Book Club. I love reading science fiction and fantasy and one of my favorite games to play is an RPG called Pathfinder, although with all the craziness I haven’t been able to play much recently. My favorite animal is a horse, and I have a dog and a cat named Captain and Zuko (yes, like from Avatar the Last Airbender). I used to have a ton of fish too. I always speak my mind when I see something I believe is wrong, and to conclude my space in the paper I want to ask you to take a mental pause once again for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She will be an inspiration to me and others like me for generations to come. Rest in peace.

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October 28, 2020
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