Band performance and homecoming court give students a sense of normalcy

Isa Grunwaldt, Staff Writer

All eyes are on the band, football, and the homecoming king and queen announcements. Any amount of normalcy during this year of weird is craved by parents and the student body alike, and everyone is striving to buy tickets to this game before they run out. 

Trombonists Remi Bruck ‘21 and Eli Tinholt ‘21 are both very excited about the performance before the announcement is made.  

“I was super excited about the performance on Wednesday and I’m even more excited about the performance on Friday! Don’t miss it,” Bruck ‘21 said.

Tinholt hopes that even if the student body doesn’t love their new marching songs “Carry on Wayward Son”, “September”, or “Thriller”, people will at least come for the fall and Halloween spirit.

Band President, Jesse Henderson, is feeling good about the performance on Friday night too.

“On Friday I’m looking forward to doing stand cheers, and getting hyped for the game,” Henderson ‘21 said. “We will have our own pep bandstands, and as per tradition, if the seniors were able to get tickets they will be able to leave the band section and join the student section as their last marching performance of the year.”

This year, there will be a student section and a band section like usual, but they will be much more spaced out. The new pep band stands are located right behind our team’s field goal posts, illustrating the band’s endless support for the East football team and willingness to play down the enemies that dare attempt a charge.

Besides fall football frenzy and bandstand cheers, the homecoming court will be announcements will occur on that Friday night. The court consists of ten senior nominees: Oatis Ackerman, Max Meston, Max West, Jack Webb, Ben Whiteside, Ellie Battle, Lucy Byum, Lauren Dodgson, and Taija Alverio and Ava Glowney. The student body will be voting this week on their king and queen.

“It’s nice to have some framework for normality amongst all this chaos, and it’s good for the whole morale of the school,” Henderson ‘21 said.