Even in a crazy year, the show must go on


Isa Grunwaldt, Staff Writer

 Drama Club members are finally getting to play the parts they’ve always wanted to in their upcoming performance of a collection of vignettes entitled, “If They’d Only Let Me”.The performance will take the place of the fall play and auditions start next week. 

In the past, the fall and spring shows were massive undertakings, normally including a Shakespeare play and a musical. However, this year the keyword is brevity. The drama club will keep the scenes short enough that anyone can fill in for anyone else since the production is a series of shorts. 

“Doing these shorts [is] going to be a lot of fun because it allows us to have more freedom in what we want to do,” Drew Huegli ‘21 said. “Instead of being put into a role, we get to choose the role and challenge ourselves. I think it is going to be really hard to work with the cameras but we just have to adapt and overcome because that’s what acting is all about. So I am excited for the challenge!”

Drama Club is all about embracing the spirit of theatre, and especially this year wants to emphasize freedom and fun for students as seen with “If They’d Only Let Me” and their theme: The Circus, because we’ve all gone a little crazy. They have a fun and welcoming atmosphere for every production

With many sports unable to play or practice normally, many people at school are being displaced and drama could be a great option for them. No performances are done in front of a live audience, and the club can have up to 50 people indoors with masks safely.  Another adjustment to Drama Club members this year is that the first three productions will be filmed instead of performed live in either the PAC or the Little Auditorium. Not having an audience to perform for will be a new challenge for everyone. 

As Drama Club’s Maudie McLaughlin ‘21 points out, “2020 is already a circus, come join drama!”