Pet adoption surge during quarantine relieves families of stress in times of isolation

Lilly Kings dog Winston enjoying time with owners as family stay in due to COVID-19.

Lilly King

Lilly King’s dog Winston enjoying time with owners as family stay in due to COVID-19.

Isa Grunwaldt, Staff Writer

Our pets are silent heroes that are not often publicized by the news but have been monumentally helpful for many people during this pandemic. In the very beginning of Mar. and Apr., some shelters saw all their pets leave for happy homes for dogs, cats, and other loving creatures because people knew they needed a companion and that they would find one in a pet. This furry friend fever has affected East too as Facebook is currently exploding with private messages (PMs) between parents about adopting puppies. In all this craziness, it seems prudent to take a moment and enjoy the stories of the pets around the community from some of our peers.

Zoey-Kate Huey ‘21

“I have three pets: two cats and a dog. My pets have helped me during the pandemic because they are super sweet and cuddly which always makes me feel better, and walking my dog is an easy way to get out of the house. A really funny memory I have of my dog is from a few years ago. My family had gone to the movies one night to celebrate my dad’s birthday by seeing a new “Star Wars” movie or something, and we didn’t get home until super late. My dad is a professor, and he had just finished giving exams to his students and had yet to grade them. When we got home around midnight, we found my dog had gotten into my dad’s work bag and basically shredded a couple of his students’ essays all over the floor. My dad was really mad at him, but the rest of us thought it was really funny and we managed to tape all the essays back together. It turned out well in the end.”

Ben Sykes ‘21

“I have three pets: a cat and two toads. They are great to have around and it’s great when they hang out with me in my room while I’m in class. My best memory of my cat is when he stayed by my side the whole week while I was sick with a stomach bug a couple of years ago.”

Elle Krause ‘22

“I have two dogs, a cat, and a couple of fish. My routine hasn’t really changed for my favorite pet: my cat. She still sleeps next to me every night and asks to be fed, and I suppose she has been a good form of affection and comfort during ‘Rona. One time, we found my cat was sitting on top of my brother’s huge aquarium. (My cat loves to look from the top and just watch the fish.) This aquarium was located in our basement, so when we left we would make sure that she wasn’t downstairs just in case she tried to take one of the fish. One day we forgot to check, and my brother was freaking out because one of his fiddler crabs was missing, one week later, we found the little crab in between the door where my car had dragged it and was batting it around like a toy. Don’t worry, the crab survived, miraculously.”

Jack Ashley-Oswalt ‘21

“I have two dogs. They have helped me during the pandemic because they are emotionally supportive. They know how you are feeling and will sit by you all the time to make you feel better. My favorite memory of my youngest dog, Lucy, was taking a long drive to meet the entire litter of dogs when we were adopting her. There were puppies everywhere.”

Ella Lado ‘21

“I currently have five pets. I have a sweet dog named Izzy, a yellow lab who is 10 years old, a cute cat named Mr. Cat, he is a grey/brown tabby who we have had for a little over six years and who we think is about 10 or 11 years old, and finally, I have three chickens named Coco, Brett, and Mr. Chicken. They’re fun, but noisy sometimes! They all give me a sense of comfort and brighten my day. It’s nice to go on walks with my dog. My cat loves to cuddle and often wakes me up! He always brings a smile to my face. My chickens are funny and always make me laugh. A humorous story about my cat is that one time, it was a snow day and he ran outside, but right as he got to the driveway, he realized his mistake and ran back to the house. The snow was up to his head and all you could see were his ears poking out.”

Elsa Hossein ‘21

“I have one pet, a cat named Figaro. During the pandemic, Figaro has been sitting and cuddling with me when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. He loves to play games too. The best memory I have with Figaro that I can remember is when he came to my room and snuggled up in my bed for the first time after we adopted him.”

Virginia Counts ‘21

“I have one golden retriever. He has definitely helped over the pandemic by being a companion to go on walks with me. My best memory is taking him to the beach with my family and watching him play in the water.”

Natalie Koster ‘21

“I have one dog. He is a dachshund. My dog is a fun companion to hang out with. It’s nice to take walks and go outside with him during the pandemic. He always gets so excited to see my family. Whenever we come home from a trip, we always look forward to seeing his reaction.”

Tali Deaner ‘21

“I have a dog named Murphy. She is 11 and a Wheaten Terrier. Her hobbies include eating plants, barking, and napping. She has definitely helped me during the pandemic; taking her for walks forces me to go outside and it’s nice to have a furry friend with me in zoom class. Over the summer I took her to Lake Michigan a few times and she had a lot of fun playing in the sand and the water.”

Lily King ‘21

“I have one dog, a labradoodle named Winston. It’s been great having him around because he’s always super energetic and happy which helps get our minds off of the stresses of the pandemic. Walking him also gives us a reason to get out of the house. Some of my favorite memories with him is seeing how excited he gets when any of my family members get home.”