Women’s History Month

Assistant Principal Heather McKinney looks up to many different women, “there are several women who I feel have been integral in my thought as a leader…and who have really helped me shape who I would like to be as a leader,” she said. Specifically, two of her beloved college professors, “they were wonderful in helping me build and really critically think about who I would become as an educator.”

March provides the   opportunity to look back on the past. Women’s History Month exemplifies the courage required to fight for the freedoms they are afforded today. Every year, the month has a specific theme. This year, it was named “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.”

For Rahshona Saydazamova ‘22, this is exemplified by the actions of her mom. “Seeing my mom go out in the beginning of COVID-19, risk her life to go and take care of other people,” she said. 

This month is important for celebrating the women that make a difference in today’s world – whether on a personal scale or on the grander, historical stage. “I think it’s very important to celebrate and recognize…because women throughout history have been economically, politically, and societally oppressed,” Estelle Metz ‘23 said. “We need to recognize the achievements women have made.”

Metz looks up to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and current Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, “[they] inspire me and have shown our country that women belong in political institutions and places where decisions are being made.”

Saydazamova’s biggest inspirations come from her own family. “My grandmother, on my dad’s side, [she] was the first female principal of a school,” she said. “Especially back then, in a country that used to be part of the USSR, it was a big deal.”

McKinney also looked up to the women in her family, such as her mom, who was an elementary school teacher. “I was fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of educators, and I really saw that you could be literally boots on the ground making a difference for the world,” she said. “I think that’s where my passion for professional development lies.”

It is no doubt that women have played a role in shaping fundamental aspects of who we are. “That’s the beauty of being a woman, not only are you a nurturer…but you become a role model…because they’re such strong-willed people that have such a fiery passion to do more for others, beyond just themselves.” Saydazamova said.