Teachers are getting the COVID-19 vaccines

Lauren Bentley, Focus Editor

Because Governor Whitmer “strongly encouraged” schools to fully reopen in March, teachers have been put at the top of the list to be vaccinated. As soon as East Grand Rapids began emailing links to vaccination sites, teachers lined up to get the COVID-19 shots.

“I got it because the medical community has said that we need to have it in order to conquer this disease,”  Dr. James Borst said. “I believe in it, just like I believe in most of the medical community right now.”  

For most people, the decision is a simple matter of trying to protect the people they care about. “For me, it was just more of a personal decision,” Vice Principal Steven Wojciechowski. “There are a lot of people in my family that have compromised immune systems.” This is something many faculty members have in common, “I strongly believe in the power of vaccines, and I was excited to get inoculated against this terrible disease and protect my family and my students,” Sara Edleman said.

Furthermore, the vaccine should help to end the current situation. “It makes sense, it’s the smartest way to end this pandemic,” science teacher Jan Huff said. 

Getting the vaccination could also help many staff and students feel safer within the school. Scientists have fast-tracked the vaccine, but the safety and effectiveness have been well-documented by numerous studies.

“I feel like I don’t have to be so apprehensive,” Borst said. 

Others also feel similarly safe about the vaccine, and its ability to protect them in a school setting.

“Knowing that it’s still only 95 percent effective, there’s always a risk with anything, but the vaccination is going to make a huge difference,” Huff said. 

This cannot only change how safe individuals feel in school, but it also is a great learning opportunity.

“What has changed in my [biology] classroom is we have something really interesting to talk about, as we are learning about the topics,” Huff continued. 

Many also believe that people should be getting the vaccine not only for themselves or their family, but to help keep everybody around them healthy as well. 

“I think that it’s gonna provide for a safer world and society if everybody would agree to get it,” Borst said. Getting the vaccine could potentially help our society as a whole. 

“Even though it’s the first vaccine of this type, vaccinations have worked for decades, and they’re the best defense we have against viruses,” Huff said. 

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more obtainable and widespread, it will continue to bring up inevitable concerns amongst people. According to many teachers, it is the best choice in order to fight the virus as we try to regain a little bit of normalcy all around the world.