President Trump rallies in Grand Rapids with thousands of supporters on the eve of the election


Noor Duoibes

Trump bus stationed at the rally

Lauren Bentley, Focus Editor

President Donald Trump visited Grand Rapids the night before the election in 2016. Four years later, it is no different. Thousands of people gathered together, late into the night, for a rally in support of their favored candidate. 

“There was a really exciting tone, and it felt like a sports game or concert. People were very excited to see President Trump, and the people were all united,” Billy Beusse ‘21 said. 

He spent the whole week trying to reach out to the people in Michigan with stops in Lansing, Waterford, Washington Township, and Traverse City. 

According to those who attended, thousands of people were either in the rally or standing in line outside of it. It is possible that Trump is pinning his final hopes on Michigan, with the aim of winning over the state’s vote. 

“I do not believe that this would’ve influenced anyone. This event was mainly to create enthusiasm for his voters, and I believe that almost everyone who is voting already has their mind made up,” Beusse continued. 

This final stop in his campaign still leaves people wondering whether or not the state will come out blue. Or perhaps, it will just barely favor red, similar to the previous election. The rally took place at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport on Monday and went into the early morning hours of election day.