The East Vision

Noor Duoibes

Noor Duoibes, Opinion Editor

Noor Duoibes, a senior, spent the summer walking rivers at Interlochen. During the school year, you will find Noor working at Clean Juice, and chatting it up with Jake the PowerStrength guy. Noor enjoys sunsets and Hope College crew necks. You can find her golfing at Indian Trails, or crying over Caleb while listening to Traitor. Noor has a deep passion for overnight oats, and guys who don’t have the same feelings. Noor has been missing her sister Tina recently, but don’t worry she gets calls from Tina daily. Noor enjoys making silly Tik Toks with her friends. Although you might not always be able to see Noor you can always hear her with her larger-than-life laugh. Words that others use to describe Noor are beautiful, charismatic, and unforgettably annoying.  


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