Key Club: What Are They Looking Forward to in the New School Year?

It is the beginning of the new school year, and with that comes the first club meetings of the year.

Key Club has an astounding 150-200 members, which makes it the biggest club within the high school.

Key Club is not just about volunteering but is a way that many students are able to come together and serve their own community.

“We have done many service projects like tutoring refugees, mother-son night, and we have even helped with the Reeds Lake triathlon,” Anna Edelman ’22 said. Edelman started as president at the beginning of this year.

They are able to volunteer at a myriad of different events and activities throughout the school year.

Some of the favorite service projects amongst longtime members have been building houses with habitat for humanity, setting up the daddy-daughter dance, and cleaning up after home football games.

“One of my favorite things about being in Key Club is just seeing how much we have helped after we’re done with our projects,” Avrielle Ralston ’22 said.

Key Club works with many organizations, but many students would still like to see involvement with more institutions, “working with more veteran homes near us, the red cross, and those who were affected by Covid-19 are all people I think we could work with, ” Secretary Katie Wing ’22 said.

Getting in contact with more organizations helps the club and students to have a lot more volunteer opportunities.

“Many students join Key Club for volunteering hours but stay for the community we have within the club and for the activities we do,” Ralston said.

With so many kids involved, it seems easy to find people you can easily spend time with.

You volunteer, and spend time with people possibly outside of your normal circle. Along with that, you are working with organizations you might otherwise not be able to help at; you get to make a difference.

It is a common theme among participants of the club: they genuinely enjoy volunteering and spending time with other club members.

“There are many opportunities for students to get involved at our school but if I could recommend anything it would be Key Club, ” Ralston said. Members are able to volunteer, contribute to their community, and meet new people.

Key Club is open to all willing participants.

This Club is an amazing chance to be part of a strong community that will last all four years of high school.