Choir program forced to make changes and deal with a disappointing Holiday season due to COVID-19 concerns


Lauren Bentley

EGR Madrigal warming-up their voices outside with masks

Olivia Borgula, News Editors

For choirs, the holiday season is a time to look forward to; big dresses, festive music, and traditions fill the winter months. But this year, the pandemic presented new challenges. “We didn’t do anything for our fall concert. Madrigals traditionally have a lot of gigs over the holiday season, we go around caroling in our gowns and have a lot of fun but with COVID-19 we had to cancel all of that,” Lillian Fergason ‘21 said. “This is a big part of Madrigals for seniors and we totally got cheated.” 

Junior Caroline Guari was also disappointed that concerts were canceled last semester, but is hopeful for the upcoming year. “The Christmas concert is a huge deal for East Grand Rapids music ensembles…I’m hoping we will be able to do the pops concert this year.” 

One of the challenges of last semester was trying to rehearse over zoom. Because the program often creates a lag, it is impossible for everyone to sing at the same time. “When the school went online it was almost impossible to rehearse, we learn a lot of music just by listening to each other and the piano,” Fergason said. “Singing in-person vs. online is night and day.”

Another senior in choir, Minnie Darr, feel disappointed about missing out on her last year in high school. “I think this is the hardest on the seniors because this is our last year of high school and we were really looking forward to certain events,” Darr said. “For me, having to adjust to expectations has been a bit disappointing and difficult but I’m in the same boat as everyone else.” 

Although COVID-19 has presented the choir with some challenges, the students have made the best of the situation and will continue singing through any obstacles. “Choir practices are a little different being back in person as we have to wear our masks while we sing and be six feet apart,” Kennedy Kerr ‘21 said. “But overall it is great to be able to sing together again.”