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Emma Chiarini

Emma Chiarini

Emma Chiarini is an Italian girl who came to the USA with the dream to achieve something new for herself and her life. She’s never been scared about leaving home at the age of 17 or losing interest in doing this experience, indeed she’s really determined when she’s passionate. She came to Michigan just barely knowing where it was in the United States, but she’s learned how to start loving new people and to create a home in another part of the world. She’s very happy with her life here and everyday she learns something new, but of course she misses her country sometimes. She’s strong and sometimes too stubborn, but she can recognise that she’s not invincible, that everyone needs help sometimes and that it's okay to be sad. She loves laughing and talking with people, if she really feels comfortable you’ll for sure recognize her. This experience has been, since it started, a jump in the void, exactly like the journalism class.  Even if she’s never written an article in her life she’s put herself in it and whatever it’ll go with, this experience will help her to build herself.

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A Harlequin takes the stage

Emma Chiarini, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022
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