New elects are the first step to a better future

This year's midterm election was significant in terms of the diversity of the new elects.

Halsey Smith

This year’s midterm election was significant in terms of the diversity of the new elects.

This years midterm election was a historic one as many openly LGBTQ+ people and females were elected into our government than ever before.

This event is not only significant because of the number of people elected, but because of the time in our country they have been elected in. President Trump’s administration has constantly tried to shut down more LGBT rights. However, this election is a clear signal that more citizens are pro-LGBT.

Those are the facts, but this election is more monumental than just statistics.

This election has paved the way for many positive and inclusive changes in our country.

The addition of LGBT individuals, females, and people of color will allow for new ideas, opinions, and viewpoints providing better representation of our country. Diversity is the way for Congress to make decisions that best suit ALL Americans, not just a few.

Our country is constantly changing, and hopefully for the better.

We live in a time where people finally feel comfortable being themselves and sharing who they truly are with the world.

As we near the end of 2018, people should be able to embrace their differences and the variation among others for the overall benefit of the entire country.

It is not necessary for everyone to have the same outlook on life, or have the same opinion on how to best attack an issue, but we should at least be able to listen.

A diverse legislative body will lead to a wide array of ideas that must be listened to and voices of many Americans that cannot be ignored.

Not only will the recent and future elections affect us now, but they will affect the future as they have already reached the next generation of leaders.

This election has paved a path for future politicians and elections.

Seeing so many individuals from all different backgrounds be elected into congress will inspire others to do the same.

Seeing someone who looks like you or has a similar background in a profession you aspire to be in is proof that it is possible for you to be there too.

No, not everyone agrees with who will be representing our country, but we are never going to be unanimous.

That is why we have a democracy. We have the privilege to debate and do what the majority of our citizens want to see come to be.

We have the ability to have a say in what our country looks like and we elect those we think will best represent us and make the decisions that we will most benefit from.

The recent midterm election will be one that we talk about for years to come.