The Ski team takes to the weight room in the absence of snow

Although skiing is a winter sport, the East Grand Rapids Ski Team has only skied one race. Due to the high temperatures and lack of snow, the ski team has had to search for ways to continue to train. The solution: lifting in the weight room. By lifting in the weight room, the skiers motivate themselves by picturing themselves finally hitting the slopes.

“When we are in the weight room we mostly do leg work to strengthen our legs. We also work on form so we are prepared to be on the snow. We are all very excited to finally ski, even though the quality of snow at Cannonsburg isn’t all that great, and it’s hard to practice when we don’t have fresh snow,” said Lily McIntosh ‘22.

Like his fellow teammate, Will Marsh ‘19 has strong feelings toward Michigan’s snowless winter. He too is tired of spending countless of hours in the weight room.

“All of you global warming deniers can go to hell. The Ski Team is not thinking, but barely surviving, on eight inches of crap man made snow,” Will Marsh exclaimed.

Even though the ski team has not had the chance to show off their skills, they still have the same expectations for the end of their seasons.


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