Girls bowling builds strong team camaraderie

As bowling season continues on throughout the winter, the girls’ team has been very focused on improving skills and creating a strong team atmosphere.

This season is different than any other due to a new coach as well as changes and improvements.

The competition continues to test the girls’ abilities. “We always have tough competition but we still find a way to have fun and mess around during matches even though we always lose,” Amelia Flemming ’19 admitted.

The team this year aims to enjoy their time with each other and make the most out of even the hardest of matches.

“The girls have all bonded really well together since we started playing and it’s a really good team building environment,” Samantha Robson ‘19 said.

The team has worked really hard during practices.

“So far we have improved a lot! Many girls have purchased a custom bowling ball so we have become more professional and prepared for matches,” team captain Ainsley Green ‘19 said.

The team has been very fun to follow this season. Star player Anna Edelman ‘22 has worked very hard this season and continues to do very well in competition. Make sure to keep tabs on the team as they finish out their season.