If you like basketball; IBL might be the perfect opportunity for you to make friends and play basketball

Emma Israels, Staff Writer

Many people want the opportunity to play a sport they love at a smaller time commitment, making the Intramural Basketball League (IBL) a perfect opportunity for East students.

IBL gives students a chance to play basketball at whatever competitive level they wish to perform. Recently, many High School students have quit East basketball because the intensity level was too high. Daniel Masek 21’ says he quit East basketball and joined IBL because, “I like being able to play with friends just for fun, and it’s way less of a commitment, but still very exciting. It is also a great workout.” Plenty of other students have a similar mindset to what Masek said. Grady Gooch 21’ says, “it is less serious and I am still able to lift 3 times a week while doing IBL.” Many of these former East basketball players play IBL because of the smaller commitment to basketball, leaving them time to focus on their other sports. 

Other students who haven’t played for the East before also believe that it’s a great opportunity to be with their friends while playing a sport they all enjoy. It has become clear that you can make IBL as serious as your team wishes it to be, making this an opportunity for everyone. Cole Miller 20’ says that he decided to do IBL because “I like basketball and I heard good things about playing for IBL. I also wanted an opportunity to be on a team with my friends and have fun at the same time.” Miller, as well as many others, believe that their teams are the best in the league, making for entertaining rivalries and encouraging healthy competition. 

If you’re looking for a fun activity to play basketball with your friends, IBL is the perfect opportunity for you.