Valentine’s Day…

Valentine's Day...

Sophia Bouwkamp, Staff Writer

This past Valentine’s Day, my sister and I were in the self-checkout at a grocery store, and the man behind us was buying a bouquet of roses and white flowers. 

This encounter reminded both of us of the sentimental feeling that comes with Valentine’s Day because our dad buys our mom roses when he gives her flowers. This was an example of the joy that Valentine’s Day brings that people should not overlook as just a “Hallmark Holiday.”

My mom gives us Valentines every year, and she gave us ours early. I received candy, a shirt, and Valentine’s Day pajamas. Also, my Grandma sent a card in the mail to my siblings and me. 

Valentine’s Day is really about being kind and loving to everyone. A simple smile or “hello” can make someone’s day. 

While some people may think that it is stupid or a “Hallmark Holiday,” it’s also an opportunity to express affection for the people you love. For example, while we were out of town for Valentine’s Day this year, my mom wrote a love note for my dad and packed a letter for my sister and me.

People who have a negative opinion about Valentine’s Day should change their thinking and show affection to their friends and family. Even if they are isolated or not connected with a lot of people, it’s an excellent opportunity to show love to anyone and make some new friends.   

People do not have to go all out with gifts or pull any monumental moves. However, they should at least tell the people they love that they love them and show it in a thoughtful way because when a gift is not thoughtful, it will not be as meaningful to the person. While some think Valentine’s Day is overrated, many people enjoy the holiday for, if no other reason, the ability to spontaneously show affection to others.