Front Porch Profile – Logan McCahill ’23


Emma Israels, Staff Writer

“During Quarantine, I have been doing lots of homework, playing video games, watching movies that I’ve been wanting to watch, and trying to stay in shape. I like to run around Reeds lake every few days, which is a great way for me to get out of the house and get some exercise. I have tried to make a weekly routine between doing homework, working out, and playing video games, so I don’t find myself doing the same things every day. The hardest part for me during all of this is not being able to see my friends and teachers. The only way I stay connected with my friends is through video games, or talking on the phone, so I miss seeing them in person. I would say that my whole family is keeping themselves very busy throughout Quarantine. My parents still have to work because they’re essential workers, and my oldest brother is working for shipped to bring people their groceries. My sister has the most homework out of all of us, so she is busy with that. My brother, Aidan, is helping make ventilators in Kokomo, Indiana for coronavirus patients, so I would say all of us have had lots to do. “