Front Porch Profile – Gwen Steele ’20

Madeleine Kim, Staff Writer

“I’ve spent my time mostly on creative works, both new and old! Writing and drawing take up a good portion of my day but there’s been plenty of time for long walks which has been enjoyable. I’ve also been listening to a lot of new music and podcasts. I’m concerned mostly for those who are unconcerned about the health protocols in place and our government’s focus on the economy rather than public well-being. But hey, a little anarchy never hurt anyone. There’s going to be an overall cultural shift after this epidemic and colleges aren’t excluded. Though I can’t complain about the removal of out of state tuition on my part, the experience of moving into dorms and learning to manage a physical workload will be upsetting to miss indeed. Hopefully this will be over late May, but that’s wishful thinking. Realistically, I think it’s wise to prepare for quarantine running a good portion into the summer and the repercussions continuing long after. I think people will really start to understand a lot more about their own mental health. A stay at home order has had a negative effect on everyone regardless if they have a chronic illness or not. Hopefully this will be a step towards creating empathy and less stigma towards those who struggled with mental health before and those who will continue to after. I’ve learned that if you dance alone in your room with the lights off, earbuds full volume, and your eyes closed, it can almost feel like prom.”