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Jank or Dank: Safe Driving In The Senior Lot

Jack Theut, Business Manager

You leave the house at 7:30, rush to the senior lot. Oh no, there’s no spots left. You frantically drive around and see the last spot remaining you press down on the accelerator and skerrrrt round the bend. Kapow, you feel a thud. Another accident has just gone down in the slot.
Unfortunately, these occurrences are all too common, not only in the senior lot, but the surrounding areas as well. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities among young people throughout the country.
In my opinion, people need to slow down and consider the consequences that reckless driving has not only on themselves, but on others. If everyone could make an effort to drive safer and be more considerate of other drivers, the level of accidents relating to the commute back and forth from school would decrease significantly.
The first way to get students to reform their driving skills is to make a plan. A common reason for reckless driving is spurred by a student’s fear of being late to class, if a student would leave five minutes earlier than usual, the likelihood of them getting in an accident would go down significantly.
Another common problem I have witnessed, is lack of communication between drivers as they enter and exit the lot. In the morning rush many kids forget to use their turn signals due to other things on their mind. This causes confusion among everyone driving in the senior lot and once again, is a big contributor to accidents.
Distracted driving is another hot topic amongst the students of EGRHS. Constantly, I see students zipping through the parking lot. Students are often distracted from playing loud music and playing on their cell phones. This is yet another habit of teen drivers that raises their probabilities of causing an accident by major proportions.
Overall, the biggest issue in accidents in the slot relates back to having driving manners. If people respected each other’s space and slowed their roll in the mornings and after school it would create a much safer environment .

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Jank or Dank: Safe Driving In The Senior Lot