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A Look Into Who Is Behind the Infamous Barstool EGR Instagram Account

A new Instagram page has burst onto the scene in East Grand Rapids.

The account, Barstool EGR, is a parody of Dave Portnoy’s extremely popular Barstool Sports. The page, similar to its namesake and many affiliates, focuses on funny pictures and videos centered around East Grand Rapids, with all content being submitted by EGR students.
Students have mixed feelings about the account.

“My opinion is that it is funny. With that being said some people’s feelings could get hurt.” Keegan Cox ‘22 said.

“I think that it is a good way to keep up with the events of East Grand Rapids High School in an informal and funny way, compared to current outlets run by the school.” Audrey Williamson ‘22 said.

The page has quickly risen to popularity, amassing 460 followers during its one month of operation. Assuming that all followers are students, that is an impressive 49% of the school. With the fast rise of the page, it has led many to ask, who is Barstool EGR?

Two of the most popular candidates have been Brandon Stover ‘22 and Scotty Millman ‘24. “I think that Brandon Stover runs the account along with Scotty Millman and Brady Leistra.” Cox said.

“I am not Barstool EGR,” Stover said. “People are just messing with me when they say that.” Millman also denies running the account, “I don’t run the account,” he said. Millman seemed indifferent on the page in general. “I don’t know, I think it’s kinda funny,” he said.

With Stover and Millman being ruled out, I decided the best way to try and get to the bottom of this mystery was to go directly to the source. In an interview with

Barstool EGR, I first asked them about the origins of the page.
“I saw all the colleges that have one and I thought that East was awesome enough to have a page of its own,” they said. “I thought it was a good idea but I did not think that it would grow this much this fast.”
Barstool EGR enjoys the mystery surrounding the account.

“My favorite part about running the account is seeing all the funny posts people send in or hearing rumors about who people think I am,” they said.

Finally, I decided to ask if the identity of the account will ever be revealed, and what the future of the page is.

“I plan to put it in my senior will but I won’t say who I will it to. That way people can find out who I am but not know who will be running the account next year,” they said.

While Barstool EGR doesn’t have any plans to reveal their identity any time soon, speculation will continue, and that is part of what makes the account fun.

The mystery surrounding the account keeps followers engaged in a way not achieved with other outlets.

In the meantime, students can continue to enjoy the hilarious content throughout the school year.

This story is from the Oct. 2021 issue of The East Vision.