Hania Timek on Her Balance of Activities

Every high school student struggles to balance school work with sports, extracurriculars, and time with family and friends. But one student, Hania Timek ‘23, does it all. 

“I don’t sleep much, but I have a lot of fun, and I genuinely enjoy what I do,” Timek said. 

From playing instruments, to starting clubs, to volunteering, Timek relies on her role models like her sister to manage her busy life and have fun along the way. 

She plays percussion in the GR Youth Symphony, teaches drums in the club Hit Like a Girl, leads Tutoring Club, is in Student Council and Quizbowl, and is the junior captain of Science Olympiad. She also has played piano competitively for 12 years, is the section leader of the drumline and is a weekly tutor at the Refugee Education Center. She is a YAB member of Billy Bear Hug and tries to serve at the West Michigan Downs Syndrome Society as well. 

Even though Timek does a plethora of activities, she says that the Hit Like a Girl club has had the biggest effect on her life. As the founder of the club, she wants to facilitate an environment for girls in a field of music in which she feels that they typically do not feel welcome.

“Hit Like a Girl is very special to me because I love drumming and I love teaching, and it has made me a better leader. I have a goal to increase the amount of elementary school girls who try out for percussion.” 

Timek’s experiences in so many different extracurriculars has not just left her with new skills and inspiration. She says that she has met many different people that have really changed her life inside and outside EGR.

“I have met so many wonderful people from so many backgrounds by participating in things outside of East, and it’s really changed my perspective on the world. Within East, I have made so many friends I wouldn’t have if I didn’t do things like Science Olympiad and drumline,” she says.

Besides the friendships and community she has built, Timek says that her extracurricular involvement has made her academic career more enjoyable.

“I apply a lot of content and skills I learn outside of school to my classes, and it makes school easier and more fun for me. I have grown to look forward to learning more in school,” Timek said.

Managing all of her activities is no easy feat, but over time Timek has learned how to manage stress, procrastination, organization and find ways that make it a little easier. 

“I try not to focus on how stressed or tired I sometimes am, instead I think about how awesome or tired I sometimes am, instead I think about how awesome it is that I get to do the things I love. I write in a planner and have learned to not procrastinate by keeping myself busy and blasting jazz music.”

Timek finds a lot of positivity in what she does, but her biggest advice to others, especially underclassmen is to focus on what they love and try to use it to help others.

“Don’t follow the herd! Get involved outside of East, too! Find ways that you can apply your interests to help other people! Get out of your comfort zone! Do things that are meaningful and fun to you!”

This article appeared in the February edition of The East Vision.