Summer Music Festivals Are Around the Corner

With summertime being just around the corner, concerts and the excitement of being in the environment of concerts is back: whether they are big music festivals, or more local concerts.

This summer, some of the big music festivals that are happening are Lollapalooza and Rolling Loud, which are both in late July. Lollapalooza and Rolling Loud both have many people attending, with around 385,000 people attending Lollapalooza in 2021, and 75,000 people attending Rolling Loud. 

Hard Rock Stadium, where Rolling Loud is held, has a maximum capacity of about 65,000 people. Because of that, sometimes the arena can get packed very quickly.

“Rolling Loud had a few different stages so more than one artist could perform at one time so it wouldn’t be so packed,” Reiley Hoefer ‘23 said. 

On the other hand, where Lollapalooza is held, Grant Park, the capacity is about 100,000 people, which is about how many people would attend per day.

Because of these huge crowds showing up, there can be a lot of health concerns for people who are attending these large concerts.

“Rolling Loud is a concert that is 18 and older because it’s a big facility and younger children attending can be detrimental to safety,” Hoefer said. 

Major music festivals, like Rolling Loud and Lollapalooza are quite amusing to attend because there are so many things to do, like hang out with people and explore the area around, but the main attraction is the hundreds of artists performing.

“You can see all your favorite artists perform at the same time, at the same place,” Hoefer said. 

Another thing about concerts is that “the environment in the arena of a concert is unmatched,”  Ella Gjorgjievski ‘22 said.  “I love concerts so much because live music can be so exciting!” Summer concerts are really exhilarating for people, as they get to watch artists people love in person, and people don’t have to worry about so much in the summertime. “I     enjoy the excitement of getting to watch your favorite artists perform live,” Gjorgievski said.

Though there are a bunch of reasons some may not be interested and concerned about safety, there are so many benefits about going to concerts, and can become a highlight of someone’s life.

“Concerts are something that all people can enjoy!” Hoefer said.